Metro Pentecostal Church is the first of many Apostolic Pentecostal Churches in the Tulsa county area. It was first known as the 1st Pentecostal Church of Garden City. It began with baptisms in the old Hickory mines, the Tulsa State Fair Grounds today, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Acts 2:38 by the late Rev. Arthur T. Duck in 1922. Since that time, Metro Pentecostal Church has grown exponentially.

The church, under the leadership of Rev. B.L. Still (1941-1958), became an affiliated member of the United Pentecostal Church Incorporated, Hazelwood, MO., in 1956. Rev. Lloyd Still pastored from 1958 – 1969. Rev. Orville Bryant held the longest tenure as the Pastor from 1969 – May 31, 2000. It was during his pastorate that the assembly moved from Garden City to the Berryhill community, west Tulsa area. The church’s name was changed from the 1st Pentecostal Church of Garden City to Berryhill United Pentecostal Church to accommodate this address change. As of 2003, the congregation decided to go back to its roots by using the official incorporated name of the church, 1st Pentecostal Church of Tulsa. Rev. Don Martin became Pastor on July 1, 2000. When relocating to the Tulsa Metro campus in 2009, the church adopted the name Metro Pentecostal Church.

In August of 2006, prior to moving to the current Tulsa Metro campus facility, the Collinsville campus, 1st Pentecostal Church of Collinsville, was launched. At this point, we did not realize this venture would be the start to a multisite church family.